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Individual & Couple Therapy


Attachment Info

The Attachment Theory: How Childhood Affects Life
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The development of the theory and about John Bowlby
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For Couples

Sue Johnson the Science of Love
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Sue Johnson, talking about Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy
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Summary of book Attached: The Science of Adult Attachment by Heller and Levine
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An Emotionally Focused Workbook for Couples: The Two of Us, by Veronica Kallos-Lilly and Jennifer Fitzgerald

For Parents

The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind, Survive Everyday Parenting Struggles, and Help Your Family Thrive by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. and Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D.

Parenting from the Inside Out: How A Deeper Self-Understanding Can Help You Raise Children Who Thrive by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., and Mary Hartzell, M.Ed.

Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.

Trauma -- EMDR

Francine Shapiro, originator of EMDR therapy, explains how EMDR treats trauma
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How EMDR therapy works, what it is like, and how widely it is recognized
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The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel van der Kolk is perhaps one of the best-known books about trauma, and in particular early life trauma.